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Registration FAQ

1. Do I need to completely fill out the Enrollment Form?

A: Yes. All phone numbers, emergency contact info, medical and dental information, information for all authorized pickup people and any health condistions all need to be on the form. If you have any questions please call (860) 665-PLAY

2. Is there a Registration Fee?

A: Yes, there is a one time Registration Fee of $50 due at the time of Registration.

3. Is there a security deposit?

Yes, there is a one week tuition Security Deposit which will be applied to the last week of Enrollment with SuperClub.

4. How do Parents and Authorized Pickup People Enter the Building

A: We have a secured door card access system here at SuperClub. There is a $5 charge for each card that will be applied to your account when returned. There is a limit of two cards per family.

5. Is SuperClub a Licensed Daycare

A: Yes, SuperClub is licensed with the state of Connecticut as a Daycare facility.

6. Does SuperClub to background checks on their employees?

A: Yes, here at SuperClub your child's safety is very important to us. Before any Employee is hired we do an extensive background check to ensure your child will be in safe hands.

7. Does SuperClub provide transportation to the surrounding school systems?

A: Yes, SuperClub provides transportation to and from Newington, Rocky Hill, and Wethersfield Schools with properly licensed drivers.

8. Do the Teachers at SuperClub stay up to date with the quickly changing ways to enrich children?

A: Yes, at SuperClub all the full time teachers are required to take professional development classes to ensure they stay current with relevant information integral to your child's mental and physical growth.

9. Our teachers at SuperClub certified for First-Aid, CPR, Medical Administration, and Epi-Pen?

A. Yes, at SuperClub we ensure your child's safety with teachers certified in First-Aid and CPR. If your child needs medicine or an Epi-Pen adminstrered, our teachers are certified to administer these with the proper forms filled out by the child's doctor.