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At SuperClub our caregivers will adapt to your child’s daily routine in order to provide a nurturing environment that suits their individual feeding, sleeping, and diapering needs. Along with the help of the parents, we will create your baby’s personal profile which will adhere to these needs. We believe that physical strength, motor skills, sensory, and making friends is very important in a baby’s first year. Our infant room’s daily schedule is filled with age appropriate activities for even the youngest infants. Our busy babies will enjoy playing with their teachers during: music and movement, floor time, tummy time, and of course bubbles! These physical activities will not only help develop their muscles but it also teaches them body awareness. Equally important is helping build your babies self esteem and confidence. Books, blocks, and other toys will help us do just that.


Although we all develop at a different pace, our Walkers are typically between 15-24 months. This is the age when they’re to independent for the Infant room but not yet ready for our Toddler center. Our Walkers are now able to self-feed finger foods, drink their sippy cups, take one afternoon nap a day, and are stable on their feet.

At this energetic age, we want to encourage the kids to be active by bringing them into our gym and outside twice a day. In addition, as the children are becoming more independent we introduce circle time and art. Other daily activities include music and movement, floor time, snacks and lunch, nap, books, songs and of course diaper changes!


At two years old, your child is ready for our Toddler center. By now you’ve probably heard the old cliche of the “Terrible Twos”. At SuperClub we understand that this is an age appropriate normal stage in every child’s development. We help the children (and parents) cope with the frustrations that go along with these behaviors. But don’t let the kids fool you, being two is not all about temper tantrums and saying “NO”. The wonder and curiosity they have about the world is truly amazing. Because of this we begin to broaden their learning resources, lengthen circle time, introduce science and hands-on actives, and we even start to schedule in-house field trips.

By far, parent’s favorite part of their child being in our Toddler Center is the potty training! Here at SuperClub we help you and your toddler begin potty training by setting up a personal care plan that works best for your child. With the help of consistency, repetition, praise, and following their friends we can have your toddler out of diapers and celebrating their success.


At this stage your 3 year old is fully potty-trained, and has graduated from our Toddler area. A few of the changes from the Toddler floor to the Preschool floor is our teacher to child ratio. Circle time is detailed with letter recognition, colors, shapes, and counting. Our daily schedule includes: themed art projects, gym time, outdoor play, and our media room with age appropriate games and a creativity board. In addition to our daily fun, the preschoolers will enjoy a monthly visit from the town Librarian who will read, sing, and entertain the children. We offer in-house events as well as venture out on exciting field trips throughout the year. As our seasons change, the children will participate in sledding and water play in our secure playground area. SuperClub preschoole’s along with the rest of the center will enjoy our famous free pizza Fridays at no additional cost. Another fun lunch option is our weekly Wednesday Burger King program for a small fee.

Our 4’s are getting ready for Kindergarten! This is a very busy and exciting time. Along with all the skills learned from the 3 year old room and expanded daily schedule, the 4 year olds will begin to develop kindergarten readiness. We promote independence by boosting confidence with praise and encouragement. Children will prepare for kindergarten by completing weekly homework assignments, daily educational activities and group discussions during their circle time. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when they master areas such as: upper and lower case letter recognition, writing, shapes, colors, matching, sorting, spelling words, and introducing new math skills. Our preschool teachers will work closely with the parents to communicate what their child comprehends as well as what their child may need to work on. SuperClub’s preschool evaluations are filled out in the middle of the year by your child’s teacher. These assessments help the parents and their child’s new school recognize where their child stands in terms of their kindergarten readiness.


SuperClub porivdes transportation to and from Newington, and Wethersfield, Schools. Some towns have half day kindergarten therefore our program stays open throughout the day to accommodate the AM and PM children. During a regular school day our children will return to SuperClub ready for fun and relaxation. SuperClub Kindergarteners will rotate between the outside playscape, media room, the 3000 soft gym,a nd the large classroom designated just for them. In the classroom our Kindergarteners will enjoy centers, table activities, music, arts, & crafts, circletime, theme based classwork, snacks, and lunch. Throughout the school year our Kindergarteners will experience a wide variety of field trips, both in-house and away from SuperClub.

During the summer months our Kindergarteners will follow a similar but simplified version of SuperClub’s infamous Summer Camp program. This will give them the security they need but will help increase their independence they require to transition into our Before and After School program.

School Age

SuperClub provides before and after school care for school age kids. We transport to and from schools in Newington, Wethersfield, and Rocky Hill. Our program is designed to fulfill all our school age kid’s needs. After arriving from school SuperClub offers a peanut-free snack. The kids are broken up into groups according to gender and age. Once they are in their groups each group will rotate between area’s which include, our 3,000 square foot gym with a full basketball court, our age appropriate updated playground, a media room, and of course our most requested homework room.

After school kids will have the option of doing arts and crafts, cooking, coloring contests, and karaoke as well as participate in in-house field trips.

During vacation weeks and days off, Superclub will provide all day care. We will provide breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks as well as a day filled with excitement and fun. Enjoy all the same activities and more with our Summer Camp program!